Steady, steady I say! (With Induro)

Every time Im outdoor and need my tripod is’s back in my studio. And it seems like every time I’m in my studio and need my tripod it’s in my car… Ironic!

Well, I decided to get another one so this wouldn’t be a problem any more. But ironically, as I’m writing this (in my home)both my tripods are back in my studio. I’ve owned many tripods over the years, but about 2 years ago I got an Induro A 313 M6. A steady and durable tripod made of aluminium alloy. I put a Foba Mini-superball head on it with a Hasselblad quick coupling, and have been happy with this ever since i got it. The only problem though is that you can’t mount any other camera to it other than my Hasselblad. This was actually the main reason for getting a new tripod, even though there was a lot of truth to the opening line.

I decided to get an Induro Carbon CT313, from their Carbon 8X CT series. 

This wonderful tripod weighs in at only 2.2kg or 4.9lbs. It can handle a maximum load of 18kg has a max height of 185,8 cm and is only 71,5cm long when completely folded. You can also get the CT314 which with it’s 4 leg sections only measures 61,5cm folded. Stability is my main concern so I chose the CT313 with its 3 leg sections.

I needed a head too, and my first thought was to get another Foba head, but while shopping I saw the Induro BHL2 ballhead for the first time. I caught my eye straight away with its compact design and it’s matt luxury looking finish. It can handle a maximum load of 30kg (!!), weighs only  0.5kg and is half the size of my current Foba head. It comes with a Dovetail Quick Release Plate(Arca-Swiss Style Compatible).

Ive had this new tripod and ballhead for just over a month now, and one thing is for sure, Induro rocks! In fact so much I’m thinking of replacing my Foba head with another Induro BHL2 ballhead!

I’ve added a few pictures and some comments (Also let me apologize for the lazy lighting and image quality): My old and new buddy, side by side.

Jon Rune TrengereidAs you can see the Foba head is large and has “things” sticking out everywhere.Jon Rune Trengereid

The Induro BHL2 is compact and the head lock knobs are small and not sticking out getting in your way. I was a bit sceptical that maybe you wouldn’t get enough torque, but that’s not a problem since you only need so little to lock the head in it’s place. More about this later.

Jon Rune TrengereidJon Rune Trengereid

The quick release; which took me 25min to release the first time. And a mere 1 second once I could figure out how it worked. (yes I felt like a dork, and no I’m not gonna tell you how its done 😛 )Jon Rune Trengereid

Ok, look closely and you’ll get it!Jon Rune TrengereidJon Rune Trengereid

The quick release plate needs a coin or a an allen key to securely lock onto the camera. I wish they had a solution like Manfrotto where there is a “turn knob”Jon Rune TrengereidJon Rune Trengereid

The “neck” fully extended. Don’t think I have ever photographed with it that way, don’t thing I ever will either…

Jon Rune Trengereid

Jon Rune Trengereid

Extend the legs with only half-a-turn.

Jon Rune Trengereid

It’s easy to change the angle of the legs from the standard 24° to 80° degrees. Just pull out the lock and change the angle(locks into 3 different stages).Jon Rune Trengereid

Mounted with a Hasselblad H4D and a HC 35-90mm. A pretty heavy combination.Jon Rune Trengereid

I only had to use two fingers to tighten the head lock knob enough so substain the weight of the camera possisioned like this. (With my Foba head I would have had to add a lot more force. A lot more!!!)

Jon Rune Trengereid

Jon Rune TrengereidJon Rune Trengereid

The tripod comes with this handy deluxe carry case.Jon Rune Trengereid

A tool kitJon Rune TrengereidJon Rune Trengereid

And spikes for that cold icy day you find yourself on the north pole(or in Norway).Jon Rune Trengereid

My humble conclusion is that this tripod and the ballhead is well worth the money. That said, I really don’t think it was that expensive at all. The BHL2 ballhead was almost half of that of the Foba head. The Tripod is noticeable stiffer than that of my old aluminium one. Something that’s good for… well, absolutely everything!

Induro is imported by Bresson in Norway and if you live in the US, B&H Photo would be a good choice to get yours!

As always, if you have any questions or remarks, please leave a comment!