Adobe adds support for Hasselblad in both Lightroom and ACR!

Today, Adobe released Lightroom version 3.5 and ACR 6.5 today which finally adds full support for digital Hasselblad cameras. 

Officially it still only Hasselblad H4D-60 that is fully supported but, there is so far no problems when handling H4D-40/50.

Both the lossless compressed 3FR and the uncompressed FFF file format are supported.

The final question is how well of a job has Adobe done when it comes to the automatic lens correction and how well are colors shown compared to Hasselblad’s own software Phocus?

Below is to images showing the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport, one generated using the Hasselblad made profile and one using a custom made profile. As you can see the difference is not huge, at least not when compared to what the difference would look like if we did this test with a Canon or a Nikon… In other words, Hasselblad rocks when it comes to colors… (and basically everything else)

Hasselblad made Lightroom profile:

Custom made profile by me:

And just for show, here’s a screen shot of the lens correction list:

If you’re a Hasselblad shooter, please let me know what you think!?