About Me

untitled-9881-EditI specializes in fashion, beauty and commercial photography and work as an educator, specializing in digital workflow, color management, photoshop and Lightroom, lighting and advanced print techniques.

I’m also a Canon Master, an official Wacom evangelist and a member of the X-Rite Coloratti team, a Profoto evangelist and a beta tester for Hasselblad’s Phocus. (Yes, I’m a geek…)

I’m a fairly social person so feel free to contact me if you have any questions: Skype: jon_rune Mail: post@optimofoto.com

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jon. I’ve just watched the 1st instalment of the colour management webinars you have produced, which I found very useful and I was interested to learn about your recommendation to change the ICC profile version from the default value of 4 to 2. I have a colourmunki photo and when I checked the preferences it was indeed set to the default value of 4, which I have now changed. Should I also change the ICC profile version of my printer profile settings from the default of 4 to 2 as well and will this affect existing paper profiles I have created? Many thanks, Scott.

  2. Hi Scott!

    When creating paper profiles, I use the ICC4 container. As far as I can see, this works perfect!
    If you were to switch from version 4 to 2(but you wont), you would of course have to create new profiles for this to take effect!

    Hope to see you on my next webinar on the 18’th of november!


  3. Hi Jon.

    Many thanks for clarifying. I will most certainly be watching the following webinars.

    Best regards


  4. I was just getting into learning more about color management and found Jon’s X-Rite 12/13/2012 Webinar to be of great help. In the video he recommends changing the ICC Profile Version from the default 4 to 2 while calibrating the monitor.

    In his words:
    “I would strongly recommend that you set this to the Version 2. There’s no huge differences that you would notice, except from the fact that somehow the ICC 4 version has some problem with 3rd party software. So, everything would look ok when you view things in the OS itself, but it might shift, or the shadows might look kind of strange when you look at them in Photoshop or in Lightroom. So as long as you set them to Version 2, that should be no problem at all.”

    This helped clarify my confusion from before, and I hope others who are in the same boat find this info.

    For everyone who missed the Webinar “Making advanced printing easy!” it is archived here: http://bit.ly/121KjHA

    Thanks Jon for putting all the great info out there for us!


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