Introducing BenQ…

A few months back I was approached by BenQ, who was asking if I wanted to have a look at their pro line monitors. I was surprised, caused I didn’t even know BenQ had a pro line display series aimed at image professionals.

A few days later UPS was at my door with the PG2401PT, BenQ’s first display aimed at color professionals. Let me say that as a photographer I’ve been a user of both Apple, NEC and (most currently) Eizo displays.
As a color expert, I have demeands beyond that of the average photographer/designer and as always when you test out new gear you have to reset and accept that new is “always” different. With that mindset I was good to go!

1449110468_full.jpeg The PG2401PT is as i already said a display targeted at image professionals and offers a whole bunch of features such as:

  • Printing-Industry Color Certified (G7/Fogra)
  • AH-IPS Panel
  • 10 bit signal acceptance
  • Hardware calibration
  • 99% Adobe RGB colorspace

I wrote a case study/review on the monitor so, if you’re interested feel free to download the PDF and give it a read!? BenQ PG2401PT review

After my time with the PG2401PT I was asked if I wanted to have a look at another pro-color display as well, and as impressed I was by the PG2401PT, of course I couldn’t say no.

Long story short; I’ve entered a longterm partnership with BenQ as one of their proud ambassadors.
This is a partnership I’m really excited about. BenQ is working hard to offer more options for the avid photo amateur, the professional and generally anyone who values quality in their color work.

I’m currently doing all of my professional work on another of their fantastic monitors, the SW2700PT. Expect to see a more extensive review of this new favorite of mine, in not too long!


As always, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!


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